Sustaining Support

We’re focused on breaking the cycle of father absence in our state.


Partnerships with individuals, public institutions and private businesses help sustain our work better the lives of fathers, their children and families.

Those partnerships also discover that our fatherhood programs can help them reach their goals:

  • For employment partners, our job training helps them meet the demand for skilled employees.
  • For our court, law enforcement and policy partners, Jobs Not Jail is a smart solution for dads, one that reduces taxpayer costs and relieves unnecessary burdens on the justice system.
  • For our community partners, when we empower dads we are providing solutions for the root causes of systemic problems they’re working to change—including poverty, teen pregnancy, poor school performance, malnutrition, substance abuse and domestic violence.


Our Local Partnerships

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Understanding the Impact

Read all impacts and outcomes in our 2020 Impact Report.

“Everything I learned put me in a position where now, when I go to work, I look at my job as a career.”

-Fatherhood Program graduate