Program Services

What do fathers need to be successful parents and contributing family members?


The result is a one-stop center for fathers with staff and offices close to where dads work and live.

We take a holistic approach to strengthening fathers and helping them overcome obstacles with a range of education, services and support that includes:

  • A comprehensive fatherhood program to teach the essentials of responsible fatherhood.
  • Employment coaching to help dads get jobs or find better paying jobs
  • Help navigating the child support system
  • Guidance on establishing paternity, visitation and other legal issues
  • Peer group sessions that provide fathers a safe space to talk and support each other.
  • Referrals for help with complex problems
  • Mediation with the child’s mother and other family members
  • Access to men’s healthcare education, screenings and referrals
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Ongoing connection with an experienced, supportive program staff
  • Unique programs like Jobs Not Jail, a way to catch up on child support obligations that is a successful alternative to incarceration

Many fathers face chronic health conditions and untreated problems, because they can’t afford treatment or don’t trust healthcare providers.


The Process

This chart shows how a father typically moves through The Fatherhood Program.