Father Focus

Meet Landis Moore

Mr. Landis Moore came into our office for orientation in August 2019. The next day he was arrested for violation of probation. Upon his release he immediately contacted our offices to ask whether he could still participate in our program.
He told us he was ready to make a change and wanted the chance to do so. Because of the charges on his background, we had to classify him as a non-enrollee. He did not complain, and he threw himself into the work. He participated in Peer Support sessions as well as our HEAL (Healthy Eating/Active Living) program. His level of commitment impressed us so much that Mr. Moore was granted permission be moved to enrollee status. 
While incarcerated he studied and then successfully defended himself and overturned his sentence.This led to the closure of his DSS case, and we helped him to establish visitation with his daughter. Mr. Moore completed our Employability Bootcamp but because of his incarceration, it was hard to find steady employment. Mr. Moore always talked about his dream of being a truck driver and he began looking for opportunities. When he secured a position, he was on the road so much that he was not able to come into the office for the other class, and we had to close his case. Mr. Moore was disappointed, but really had no choice.
And then—coronavirus upended everything. We closed our offices and initially struggled with ways to keep participants active and engaged. Thanks to a generous grant from Wells Fargo, we updated our technology and began offering our Peer Support sessions virtually.
So, when Mr. Moore came into the office last month and expressed his desire to finish the program. Greenville Site Manager, Mr. Carlos Sullivan, welcomed Mr. Moore back and granted him permission to re-enroll. Mr. Moore actively participates in the virtual sessions and is not shy in sharing his thoughts and providing input even while he’s driving! We are honored to be a part of Mr. Moore’s success. His persistence continues to inspire us!